German avant-garde musician Johannes Kreidler has composed a song that quotes from 70,200 other musical works in merely 33 seconds. Did I mention he's an avant-garde musician? In any case, he's trying to be a good citizen and properly report all of the songs he used to the German music rights organization GEMA. The only problem: Each and every song quoted has to be reported by filling out a separate form.

Kreidler has said that his song aims to question the validity of copyright in the age of the internet. "Copying is a form of culture, and technological progress always wins", Kreidler recently told journalists during a press conference. So how did he come up with 70,200 songs? "Pure modesty", he explains on his website, adding that in theory he could have used 41,000 songs per second.

Kreidler plans to deliver a truck full of filled out forms to GEMA on September 12th. The song itself used to be hosted by the Internet Archive, but it seems to be down right now.

(via gulli)

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