It looks like online piracy could become a major issue for the Beijing Olympics. The Pirate Olympics story I wrote for yesterday quickly made it to the Digg front page. Slyck is reporting today that the Chinese TV network CCTV is working with Mediasentry parent Safenet to DRM protect it's online transmission of the games. And now this: The Google-backed Chinese P2P platform Xunlei got sued by CCTV for copyright infringement related to the Olympics.

CCTV alleges that Xunlei broadcasted video of the Olympic torch relay without the network's permission, according to Pacific Epoch. The site is reporting that CCTV sued Xunlei in Shanghai's Second Intermediate Court on Augst 4th. The lawsuit is apparently meant as a warning shot against other potential violators.

CCTV reportedly has set up a dedicated Olympic rights protection center to fight off infringement, and formed an Olympic Copyright Protection Squad, which is something of an alliance with local online video hosters meant to deter users from uploading pirated videos. From the Pacific Epoch report:

"During the Olympics, the partners plan to establish a hotline to report copyright violations and designate space on their sites to announce copyright violators and their punishments."

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