The German music rights holders association GEMA has expanded its fight against one click hosters like Megaupload and Rapidshare by targeting a new breed of intermediaries: File spreading engines, also called spreaders, are websites that make it possible to upload a file on multiple sites at the same time.

pic of hubupload interface

GEMA was able to force to shut down this weekend, and is now targeting and It also took to court in June and was able to get a preliminary injunction against the site which is now offline as well. GEMA celebrated the shut-down of the site as a proof that it is taking "forceful actions" against file spreading engines.

There are some inconsistencies to the GEMA story though. The owners have told the German IT news webiste that they decided to shut down the site in mid-June for a variety of reasons, with problems to monetize the bandwidth-intensive service being one of them. GEMA was only able to secure the injunction two days after the shut-down, according to Xirror.

GEMA has previously targeted one click hosters directly. It won in a German court against in January, but the file hoster has appealed the ruling.

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