Adult video companies are stepping up the fight against online piracy, but lawsuits against individuals swapping dirty videos via P2P no longer seem to be at the top of their list. Jason Tucker, head of a new anti-piracy company dedicated to adult content called The PAK Group, recently told the industry web site XBIZ (not safe for work) that lawsuits against individuals “require ridiculous amounts of resources” and are unlikely to have a huge impact.

Tucker wants to concentrate on adult video-sharing sites instead. He told XBiz that his company is close to filing a lawsuit against one of these red-light versions of YouTube, and that other lawsuits could follow soon after. This isn’t the first time these sites have been targeted by the adult industry. Industry heavyweight Vivid sued PornoTube in December of 2007. While the lawsuit was often compared to Viacom suing Google, Tucker made clear that for the adult entertainment space, these lawsuits are hitting much closer to home: “The big problem I see right now is not outsiders doing this; rather, it is people who purport to be contributing members in our industry,” he told XBIZ. Continue reading at

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