The EU-funded P2P Next project has been beta testing a new open source streaming solution since late last week, streaming both a live webcam transmission and an archived video from the BBC through its BitTorrent-based SwarmPlayer. I had a chance to check in with P2P Nextís scientific director, Johan Pouwelse, today about the progress of the test. ď(Itís been) positive beyond our expectations,Ē he told me, adding that more than 4,000 users have installed the latest beta version of SwarmPlayer.

Of course SwarmPlayer isnít the only effort to utilize P2P for streaming video. In fact, hardly a week goes by without some startup pitching a new P2P streaming solution to us. These companies should pay close attention to P2P Next, not only because the project has Ä14 million to develop an open source streaming alternative, but also because broadcasters from the BBC to Germanyís ARD just seem to love the idea of ditching their proprietary platforms. Continue reading at

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