Looks like the IFPI won't be alone in demanding a more proactive stance against piracy from ISPs (read: filtering and kicking off infringers) for long. Demands to confront Internet providers also came up at a recent anti-piracy round table of the porn industry's Free Speech Coalition, according to industry mag XBiz.

Michel Lozier from the streaming porn site operator Sureflixx told XBiz that he's seeing recent developments in Europe as a sign for a changing tide. The article quotes him with the following words:

"When we talk about the pirates, we’re not talking just about the person doing the copy. (...) This will have long-term repercussions on the cable companies and Internet service providers, who are all, at the moment, hiding this notion that they are just the highway and they don’t have anything to do with piracy."

Some porn producers have been talking about getting more involved with the political fight to dismantle the DMCA in recent months. The porn industry traditionally doesn't have much of a clout in Washington, but they could find some unsual bed fellows this time around with the argument that pirated porn is also accessible to viewers under the age of 18.

However, it doesn't seem like everyone is on board with this. The XBiz article ntes that many producers apparently feel like they don't have to fight piracy now because the online environment will still change a lot on the years to come, which mihgth be one reason why the round table "drew a light audience", according to XBiz.

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