Regular readers of this blog probably know that I've been pretty enthusiastic about the latest incarnation of Azureus / Vuze. I got to test the client before it launched wiht a bunch of new features a few weeks back, and wrote in a review for NewTeeVee that " has a winner" with the new client "(if) it makes the social features just a little less autistic."

Maybe I was a little too optimistic about these social features. I got a good reality check from the Vuze folks themselves this week when they sent me an email announcing that I had just won a T-Shirt:

"To help celebrate and encourage our community to participate, we launched a "Make New Friends Competition - Win a Limited Edition Vuze T-Shirt" contest. We were looking for the top 50 Vuze users with the most Friends, and you have made the cut!"

The sad thing about this is the fact that I have a total of five friends on Vuze that I added when I tested the client. Four of them are staffers, and the fifth one is a second account opened by myself.

To be fair: Most users of social networks also don't have many more friends. In fact, the median number of friends on Myspace is two, while the average number is 55 , according to Clay Shirky's latest book Here Comes Everybody - and those numbers even include all he people who are "friends" with Tila Tequila.

Still, being able to become one of the 50 most popular users with five friends that aren't even my real friends - that clearly shows that Vuze still has some work to do.

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