Allpeers got a lot of attention when they announced private file sharing for Firefox back in December. Since then it has been kind of quiet around the company - with the notable exception of the well-maintained Allpeers weblog. Now Dmitri Popov has broken the silence and published a review of the service at Newsforge. It's not that detailed, but a few things are still worth mentioning.

Popov says that the first public beta of Allpeers will start in early July, which is just around the corner. He also thinks that there is still some work to be done, but remains optimistic:

"All in all, while there are some kinks in the AllPeers extension that must be sorted out before the public release (most notably, re-installing the extension requires a manual reset of your account at AllPeers' end), the software looks very promising, indeed."

One observation that isn't explicitly mentioned in the review: The screenshot shows options for sharing files, with one of them being "anyone". This might mean that Allpeers offers some public p2p distribution mechanism alongside its private sharing options. Or maybe "anyone" just stands for any of your buddies. So far we can only guess. Anyone?

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