German Internet users can now read up on the security and legality of their online behavior, thanks to a new 76 page PDF published by a police-run crime prevention program. The reader with the very metaphoric title "In the web of new media" touches issues like media competence (don't trust everything you read online), protection of minors online and intellectual property rights.

Educators, parents and young surfers themselves are told that the use of file sharing systems is in most cases illegal. Warnings like these are usually accompanied by references to legal download stores like iTunes, but not in this case. Instead, reader features this recommendation:

"Use software programs that make it possible to record songs from Internet radios. There are also lots of bands that give music away for free on their web sites."

That's probably not quite the advice the local music industry would have hoped for, but the police is of course right: Downloading content from "obviously illegal sources", like most file sharing networks, is illegal in Germany, ripping online radio streams however is perfectly legal.

(via Arbeit 2.0)

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