There have been quite a few attempts to sell Bittorrent-optimized set top boxes and media PCs, ranging from obscure vaporware cleverly marketed products from previously unknown companies to brand-name collaborations based on failed content platforms.

pic of vuzebox

And now there's the Vuzebox, which is essentially a really well-equipped Home Theater PC that runs Vuze on Linux out of the box. It features an Intel Dual Core 2 GHz processor, 1 GB of Ram, a couple hundred gigs HD space and a bunch of outputs including HDMI, but no Wifi (ouch!). The whole thing costs 600 bucks and apparently is available now.

For the record: The Vuzebox makers are not affiliated with Vuze, which makes this a pretty bad name choice that probably won't last too long. And the price is a little steep, compared to what you can do with a hacked Apple TV. But hey, you can always try to get a deal: The Vuzebox web order form allows you to submit your "best offer" ...

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