Speaking of Limewire: Slyck.com has some more information about the upcoming Bittorrent and DHT support. In short: No, it's not the same thing. Yes, it will both be open source. No, they don't try to leech. Yes, Limewire is developing it's own DHT - which is called Mojito. Excellent name choice. Too bad they won't be able to mix it with Havana Club. I'm really getting sick of Bacardi.

The articles states:

"The custom and open source DHT will be specific to LimeWire and the Gnutella network, and will function to enhance the indexing ability and cohesiveness of the network, along with 'adding more security features, better spoofing-checks, etc.' It will have no interoperability with the Mainline or Azureus DHT network."

One of the big benefits of DHT might be that Magnet downloads will finally work. Today a site like Bitzi.com works fine for checking files you have downloaded, but it's really no use for downloading itself - especially when it comes to rare content. DHTs will be able to solve that problem and thus build a bridge to web-based communities.

Which actually could mean less problems. Oh well. Guess I shouldn't hang out at Villain's that much. But they do have funny T-shirts ...

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