The San Jose Mercury News commemorates the first anniversary of the SCOTUS Grokster decision with an overview over recent developments in the P2P space. At lot of the facts mentioned are known P2P obsevers already: File sharing is up despite the court decision, Hollywood and the record companies try to utilize big P2P players like Bittorrent, and so on. Still a good read.

The money shot once again comes from Eric Garland of BigChampagne:

"The social networking aspect of the Internet is continuing to blossom and no landmark court decision or watershed event changes that."

Referring to P2P as a form of social networking rather than just (illegal) downloading pretty much nails it in terms of where this space is going. As P2P is becoming part of operating systems, Instant Messaging clients and VOIP, sharing is about much more than just getting access to media. It's about transforming media.

The quote also gets some cheers from the Limewire blog:

"The article implicitly - though perhaps not knowingly - sets up the Grokster case as a shifting point in networked media despite its cry of failure. It paints a picture in which pre-Grokster is typified by a negative reputation for individual-to-individual interaction: at the height of which file-sharing was oddly re-termed “illegal downloading” in a slick move. The implied post-Grokster era, however, is that of Web 2.0, where individual-to-individual interaction is paramount, where it is the life-blood of the new business models."

Interesting that Limewire would feel that way. I wonder how much their parent company's shopping spree in India earlier this year has to do with this?

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