Digg.com has relaunched - and in turn broken its RSS feeds. Update: Guess this was just a temporary glitch due to high server load. All the RSS feeds for preexisting categories work fine again.

The relaunch itself seems to be very well thought through. Digg gets a total of five main categories, with a bunch of sub-categories by default hidden in Ajax pull-down menus. The layout of the site stays almost the same, just the navigation elements are placed differently. Much cleaner that Netscape beta.

One thing that's really missing from the mix is tagging. Digg starts to get a little too big to navigate by categories alone - especially since many story subjects can't be divided up that well between the existing categories.

Take a subject close to this blog for example: The Torrentspy vs. MPAA lawsuit. Is this Tech Industry News? Or Movies? Or even Security, as someone recently suggested?

The site could really use some sort of social tagsonomy. Submitters could provide an initial set of tags, and site members could improve those by voting / adding their own. That way Digg.com could add to their social fabric while at the same time making the site more accesible.

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