The denial-of-service attack against online video distributor Revision3 continues to make waves. Revision3 CEO Jim Lauderback revealed yesterday that his company had identified the anti-piracy outlet Mediadefender as the source of a massive flood of messages that brought Revision3ís infrastructure to its knees.

The incident is one more blow for Mediadefender, which has been in the headlines for the better part of the last year for its attempt to start a P2P distribution platform that critics viewed as entrapment, as well as for a hacker attack against its own servers that culminated in the leak of over 600 corporate emails. It also seems to be a clear-cut case for Revision3. The company uses BitTorrent to serve its own legal content and shouldnít have been targeted by Mediadefender in the first place. Itís good vs. evil, startup versus corporate muscle, right? Well, itís a little more complex than that ó it even involves an aging action hero on a mission. Continue reading at

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