The team behind Steal This Film and Steal This Film 2 has made the raw footage of their second documentary available online. Film makers, remix artists and copyright activists alike can download the footage for free and reuse it for their own works.

The material includes interviews with Bittorrent founder Bram Cohen, NYU professor Siva Vaidyhanathan, Reddit co-founder Aaron Swartz, EFF counsel Fred von Lohman and many others, and each and every clip is licensed under the liberal Creative Commons BY-SA license, meaning that the material can be used for commercial works as long as those works are made available under the same license.

steal this footage

But that's not all: The project includes a complete transcription of the whole Steal This Film 2 raw footage, and everything is full-text searchable, so you can for example easily find each and every scene that mentions the word Bittorrent. From the site:

"If your search term is found, you are taken to the frame/s at which it occurs and given its immediate context."

The steal this footage site is based on technology developed for the 0xdb project that indexes films found on file sharing networks. The footage itself is distributed via P2P as well: Each interview is available as a HDV torrent or as an Ogg Theora torrent, and subtitles are available as separate downloads.

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