The Associated Press is reporting that Comcast spent 2.7 million dollars in the first three months of this year alone on lobbying work against net neutrality and on other issues. It's unclear how much of this money went into paying off people to attend public hearings on behalf of the company.

comcast lobbying
Comcast's lobbying in numbers. Source:

Comcast paid a total of 8.7 million dollars on lobbying in 2007 and only 5.5 million dollars in 2006, according to Opensecrets. The site also reveals that Comcast is runing its own Political Action Committee that has paid around 1.5 million dollars to campaigns and other PACs in the 08 election cycle as of now. Amongst the recipients: Ted "a series of tubes" Stephens, whose Senate campaign has received a total of 10000 dollars in 07 and 08.

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