A Japanese court has sentenced a local virus writer to two years in jail after he was convicted of releasing a Trojan into the wild that replaced files on users' hard disks with warnings against using P2P networks. The website Govtech.com is reporting that the virus writer got two years in jail that were suspended for a three year probation term.

One of the odder parts of the story is that the court didn't find him guilty for actually attacking PCs or erasing data, but for copyright infringement. His Trojan used pictures of popular Japanese anime comics to spread its Anti-P2P message - a fact that was now seen as unauthorized distribution of said images.


Calling the virus bizarre, Govtech reported earlier this year:

"One of the images (which sings a song about fish-shaped pancakes filled with bean jam) includes a phone number, although it is possible that this does not belong to the malware author."

The programmer now told the court that he wanted to stop illegal file sharing because he wanted to save the entertainment industry - and his favorite TV programs - from extinction. Kind of ironic that he can now call himself a convicted copyright infringer.

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