CNet news has a lenghty article about the Torrentspy lawsuit against the MPAA. A lot of the details mentioned in the article can also be found in the original court filing, which has been published here.

The court filing features a statement of Robert Anderson, who is the hacker the MPAA allegedly hired to acquire insider information from Torrentspy. From his statement:

"With respect to the information the MPAA requested me to convey to it, including the information about and the individuals involved with it, Mr. garfield explicitly said to me: 'We don't care how you get it.'

When I stated to Mr. Garfield my concern over the potential of my liability fro providing the above-described non-public information to the MPAA and Mr. Garfield, Mr. Garfield expressily told me not to worry and stated that the MPAA would protect me from liability for obtaining and providing such information."

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