Downloadsquad just linked to an interesting site that aims to simplify the Bittorrent experience. makes it possible to upload any .torrent file and transform it into a self-executable, single-purpose download manager. The resulting .exe file will act as a stand-alone Bittorent client and automatically download the data in question.

This isn't the first time folks have tried things like this. The makers of Miro attempted something similar with Blogtorrent, but I don't think it ever got much traction, and the website seems to be down. The difference here is that Torrent2exe is a web service, which opens the door for a whole range of new possibilities.

In fact, it already offers torrent site admins the feature to directly link to downloadable executables for every torrent they're hosting. Of course, you have to trust Torrent2exe to not include any malicious software. The site is fairly new and doesn't have any privacy policy or terms of us yet, so maybe you should go over the whole virus scanner thing with your Mom one more time before she starts to leech away.

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