Torrentfreak is reporting today that the Shareaza developers are working on a version 3.0 of their multi-network P2P client. The software will feature, amongst other things, a completely revamped Bittorrent implementation. Shareaza used to have its own Bittorrent code, which didn't always work too well, resulting in bans from multiple private trackers. The next version will instead be based on libtorrent.

The team also announced that it will finally fight back against the take-over of its trademark and domain name by the company behind the music industry-sanctioned iMesh P2P subscription service. iMesh got hold fo the domain late last year and has since used it to distribute its own client under the Shareaza name.

Shareaza has been in contact with the EFF, Richard Stallman and the Software Freedom Law Center as well as collecting over 4000 dollars in donations, which will be used to dispute iMesh's trademark application for the Shareaza name. Getting the domain back is next on the list. From the Torrentfreak article:

"We have legal representation and will be contesting the trademark application on our name and identity taken out by Discordia Ltd. After that, we’ll be looking to get our old domain back from the people who threatened, bullied and intimidated the team member holding it on the project’s behalf and who are now using as the gateway to their deceptive business model."

Shareaza initially used to be the black sheep of the P2P community because Gnutella developers felt irked by the use of the name Gnutella2 for Shareaza's own overlay network. It's a little ironic that another name and trademark conflict catapults Shareaza back into the spotlight, but that shouldn't distract us from the fact that this could prove to be a case with implications far beyond the P2P community.

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