Version 0.7 of Freenet, the decentralized P2P network that aims to be a censhorship-free publishing platform, finally got released yesterday after having been in the works for three years. From

"The journey towards Freenet 0.7 began in 2005 with the realization that some of Freenet's most vulnerable users needed to hide the fact that they were using Freenet, not just what they were doing with it. The result of this realization was a ground-up redesign and rewrite of Freenet, adding a "darknet" capability, allowing users to limit who their Freenet software would communicate with to trusted friends."

The new version is also more efficient and easier to use, according to the site. Not evenryone seems to agree on the security aspect though, as a long discussion on shows. Some users don't seem to like the idea of a darknet topology at all. Says one commenter:

"When the NSA node see a request, they know with a approximate 2 in 3 probability that the information requested came from a member of the same darknet that their node is on. And they know the IP address of the darknet members. Do I really need to point out anything more on this?"

Freenet never was all that popular to begin with. With the new release apparently splitting its user base even further, one has to wonder whether the project has any realistic chance of a comeback.

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