The Limewire team has launched another product today that is only remotely connected to the company's P2P client, if at all. LimeBits is a website creation and hosting platform that is completely based on the WebDAV standard.

It makes use of Javascript do do pretty much everything, meaning that you won't need any additional database to run blogs and other scripts, and it aims to make sites completely shareable. Here's what that means, taken directly from the Limewire developer blog:

"Instead of starting from scratch, you start from someone elseís fully working LimeBits website. You find a site you like and then click LimeBitsís Copy button. Now you just customize your copy: insert your own name, your pictures, etc., while keeping the siteís dynamic features in place."

The project is still in alpha, so it's a little tough to get started since there really isn't that much there yet to share, plus it looks like some parts of the site are still protected with server-side passwords. New users are however able to sign up right away, which gets them one Gigabyte of WebDAV space to play with.

We will have to wait and see which role LimeBits will eventually play in the Limewire universe. I could imagine that parts of it will eventually power Limespot, but that's admittedly pure speculation at this point.

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