A few weeks ago German law enforcement officials launched a massive strike against Edonkey / Emule users. 130 residencies were raided, and a total of 3500 users are under investigation.

The average German P2P user couldn't care less, apparently. Leipzig-based traffic management company Ipoque now reports that the crackdown led to "almost no change in the downloading behaviour" of P2P users. Right after the raids P2P traffic was down 15 percent, but three weeks later it's business as usual for teutonic file traders.

Here's a snapshot of Germany's network traffic before and after the raids, as provided by Ipoque:

German network traffic

Ipoque has been measuring P2P traffic with the help of German network operators and apparently was able to get anonymous usage data for about 250.000 German net users. This allowed them to draw some intersting conclusions about file sharing in Germany: Right now P2P accounts for 50% of all internet traffic during daytime and up to 80% at nighttime. P2P is dominated by Edonkey / Emule (50%) and
Bittorrent (45%). Gnutella users are responsible for 2.5% of all P2P traffic, and Kazaa / Fasttrack doesn't seem to be on the map at all anymore.

Unsuprisingly, Ipoque doesn't think file trading will go down in Germany anytime soon. People would instead just take up additional security measures, like encrypting their hard discs.

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