Now this is quite something: Swedens State Secretary Dan Eliasson admitted in an interview with a local newspaper (as reported by that the US government was threatening the country with trade sanctions to expedite actions against The Pirate Bay. Apparenly the MPAA intervened in concert with US officials. The paper ist hosting the PDF of a letter to Eliasson that has some harsh words for Swedish copyriht enforcements effords:

"Clearly the complaints that we filed on behalf of our members in 2004 and 2005 with the police in Stockholm and Gothenburg against the operators of The Pirate Bay have resulted in no action. As I am sure you are aware, the American Embassy has sent entreaties to the Swedish government urgirig it to rake action against The Pirate Bay and other organizations operating within Sweden that facililate copyright theft. As we discussed during our meeting, it is certainly not in Sweden's best interests to earn a reputation anlong other nations and trading partners as a place where utter lawlessness with respect to intellectual property rights is tolerated."

Utter lawlessness. The longer if look at that phrase the more I have to think of IKEA furniture names.

On an interesting side not: The MPAA forwarded an article from to make their point about the decline of northern civilisation. Congratilations to the Slyck team for making their way into John Malcolm's bookmarks.

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