And you thought Comcast has had some tough couple of months: P2P filtering application maker Sandvine has posted a seven million dollar loss for its first quarter, reports

"The Waterloo maker of internet traffic-routing technology saw its revenues fall 46 per cent in the quarter as its top U.S. customers delayed decisions to purchase Sandvine gear."

And why did companies delay their purchases? Sandvine CEO Dave Caputo believes that the trouble Comcast ran into when it started to block Bittorrent traffic has something to do with it, but he seems to be optimistic that the company can win back customers. The paper quotes him with the following words:

"We have had to have conversations with our customers . . . about traffic-management policies as they relate to the network neutrality debate. While these discussions have contributed to delays, we continue to believe that service providers will adopt technology like Sandvine's."

Of course there is another possibility why companies like Sandvine could be in trouble. Recent tests have shown that filtering P2P traffic just doesn't work that well.

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