, one of the oldest and most prominent destinations for legal BitTorrent downloads, is relaunching today, and its new version offers a bunch of new features for users and content creators alike, among them a donation system to offer content creators a way to monetize P2P. Advanced community and content discovery features are slated to be added in the coming months.

When Legaltorrents first launched, back in 2003, the services and functions it offered — such as seed hosting for content creators, and enabling users an easy way to download a gigabyte’s worth of Creative Commons-licensed music in a single torrent — were remarkable and somewhat revolutionary. Legaltorrents was also one of the first sites to experiment with the combination of BitTorrent and RSS enclosures to automatically subscribe to downloads — a technology that today is at the core of players like Miro, and as well as numerous TV torrent download sites. The notion of legal content distribution through torrent sites has since moved into the mainstream as well; the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation recently openly embraced The Pirate Bay and Mininova, while carries shows from the likes of PBS and Showtime alongside user-generated content.

So how is the new Legaltorrents going to compete in this new, BitTorrent-friendly world? Continue reading at

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