CNet News is reporting about a new Sony BMG music video site called Musicbox. The article makes the whole thing sound very promising:

"Individuals thus could create sites focused around certain artists by linking to video channels on the Musicbox site dedicated to them, or link to several channels which, in the aggregate, comprise the most mawkish artists (in the view of the blogger) that Sony has to offer."

Unfortunately links is all you get out of Musicbox. They have a fancy Flash player, generate links on the fly, allow to send those via E-Mail or copy them directly to yourt clipboard - but you can only play videos directly on the Musicbox site. Integrating the player into your own site - one of the features that made Youtube so successful - is not possible.

This is especially bizarre since Musicbox is ad supported. More plays would generate more revenue. But of course allowing third parties to host your content - even if it was only through some Javascript trickery - would mean to give up control. And that ain't gonna happen, no matter how much sense it might make.

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