Sony wonít have much time to celebrate winning the format war against HD DVD: Notorious Antigua-based software maker Slysoft says itís cracked Blu-Rayís copy protection. Slysoftís AnyDVD HD application is now offering unencrypted access to Blu-Ray content, making it possible to back up Blu-Ray discs onto your own hard drive, copy or transcode HD movies and watch them without DRM-compliant hardware, according to a company press release.

HD-DVDís copy protection got cracked a good year ago; Blu-Ray promised Hollywood stronger protection with itís own BD+ protection scheme. This promise was at least one factor in the industryís backing of Blu-Ray and thus a nail in HDís coffin. ďFilm studios that have switched to Blu-Ray may have crowed a little too early,Ē comments Slysoft in its press release announcing AnyDVD HD. Companies in the online HD space, on the other hand, couldnít be happier. Continue reading at

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