Comcast has been making headlines for months for their Bittorrent blocking, with the FCC looking into the company's actions and some congressmen even considering new laws against such behavior. German cable ISP Kabel Deutschland might soon face similar attention.

Customers of the company have talked about trouble with Bittorrent downloads for months. They all reported an odd pattern: Bittorrent up- and download speeds are dropping at 6pm sharp every night, only to get back to normal at midnight.

I just wrote an article about the subject for the website of the German Focus magazine, asked Kabel Online for a response - and was surprised about their answer. The company did not directly describe what they're doing, but admitted that a small percentage of its customers are affected because "the overwhelming majority of our customers doesn't use file sharing networks". The company also claimed that downloads are not time sensitive, meaning people just have to wait a few hours.

This is the first time a German ISP has admitted to selective network management. It will be inteersting to see if this will lead to a German version of the net neutrality debate.

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