Epitonic.com used to be a great ressource for promotional indie music downloads. The site had some problems with financing early on, then got sold to Sputnik7.com - and didn't really get on the right track again. For the last 1.5 years Epitonic had virtually no updates.

A few weeks ago they relaunched with something that seems to be more of a focused approach. It looks more like showcases now, not like a huge download directory. Which might be good for the labels, but I'm not sure it will translate into sufficient page views for Epitonic.

Epitonic also started a download store in cooperation with Echospin. At least that's what we heard recently at a music industry conference. You can't really tell from looking at their site. Which, again, might be good or bad, depending on who you are. Consumers might feel that there are enough download stores out there already. Epitonic and Echospin might disagree.

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