I've spend the better part of last night experimenting with Torrstream, a service that combines Bittorent and on the fly transcoding to make videos on your hard drive available on the web. Sadly, I just couldn't get it to work, but I decided to still blog about it because the idea is really neat.


Setting up your own video stream with Torrstream is pretty easy: You generate a torrent file with your favorite Bittorrent client using the Torrstream tracker and then upload this torrent file through the Torrstream web interface.


Torstream immediately starts to upload your video and gives you a unique URL plus a password to access the stream through your browser.


The site offers three different streaming video qualities and supposedly does all the transcoding on the fly, with no permanent copy of your movie being saved on its server.

Torrstream does show you a couple of movie trailers to give it some time to buffer, but it's supposed to start streaming after a few minutes. Unfortunately, that never happened when I tried the service. One reason might be that my DSL connection just doesn't have enough uploading capacity.

Torrstream recommends to upload with at least 100 KB and suggests to enlist friends to help out - something that I didn't try. I'd love to hear about your experiences with the service though.

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