There have been a lot of articles about Comcast's FCC filing during the last few days - I took my own stab at it over at Newteevee - but no one really summed it up quite as well as Ed Felten. What follows is a short excerpt from his latest post on his Freedom to Tinker blog:

"What’s most remarkable here is that Comcast’s technical description of BitTorrent cites as evidence not a textbook, nor a standards document, nor a paper from the research literature, nor a paper by the designer of BitTorrent, nor a document from the BitTorrent company, nor the statement of any expert, but a speech by a member of Congress. Congressmembers know many things, but they’re not exactly the first group you would turn to for information about how network protocols work."

Felten goes on pointing out another instance of rather random expertise, calling the technical arguments the filing makes "flimsy", and wondering:

"Is this really the standard of technical argumentation in FCC proceedings?"

Read the whole article at Freedom to Tinker.

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