The Windows Vista team responded on Monday to websites offering Bittorrent downloads of the latest Vista beta. Looks like they don't care too much for it. In their own words:

"We've become aware of alternative public channels that have cropped up to deliver the product in parallel. We must state that we cannot encourage those interested in using and testing the code to utilize these alternate channels."

Upon second reading: Maybe they are really just trying to get people to look for the Torrents. You know, in a "we've become aware of it and thought we should share this with you" kind of way. Wink wink, nudge nudge. So far it seems like they haven't send C&D notices to or either. Say no more?

Update: Looks like not everyon at Microsoft likes Monty Python, err, Bittorrent. Vistatorrent finally received their C&D.

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