The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has filed a special report with the US Trade Representative about the effect of piracy on the video game industry. The report mentions a few areas that have been problematic for the industry for years, like physical piracy in Asia and Eastern Europe, but it especially emphasizes online piracy. An ESA press release states that "dramatic increases in online piracy in Europe and elsewhere threaten our industry’s growth".

And it's not just Europe in general.The ESA particularly has its eyes on Sweden, home of the Pirate Bay. From the press release:

"Italy, Spain, Poland and Sweden are among the most problematic countries with respect to online piracy, particularly through the use of P-2-P protocols."

The ESA now wants the government to step in and pressure those countries into a more active stance against piracy. ESA's filing is part of a bigger effort by rights holders organizations to get more support from Washington.

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