The adult industry magazine XBiz staged another piracy roundtable event last week in Los Angeles in connection with its "XBiz Hollywood Conference", and it looks like the porn industry is getting closer towards starting its own lawsuit campaign against P2P users. Unlike a previous event, this roundtable was actually more of a traditional panel discussion, featuring representatives from various porn companies as well as adult biz representatives and adult entertainment lawyers.

Judging from a report on, the panel seemed to agree that piracy is a serious threat to the porn industry. XBiz quotes industry lawyer Greg Piccionelli with the words:

"We’re just around the corner from a complete collapse of the recorded adult entertainment market unless we do something about [piracy]."

One course of action that is getting more and more support are lawsuits against individual file sharers. Some in the biz seem to think that the RIAA's lawsuits, despite their lackluster results, are a great example of how to fight piracy. Piccionelli argued that the adult industry would be in an even better situation to enforce settlements with indivuduals because people won't like to admit that they downloaded porn.

The adult industry seems to be less united than the music business when it comes to fighting piracy though. One big issue of contention is that some companies buy advertising spots on torrent and Pornotube-like streaming sites.

In the center of this controversy is a company called Adult Friendfinder that is one of the biggest advertisers on many porn torrent trackers. XBiz reports that Andrew Stoddard, whose company Hush Hush entertainment is known for interesting title choices like "My Daughter's Fucking Blackzilla", confronted Adult Friendfinder representative Sean Christian with the following words:

"How do you sleep at night knowing you’re supporting people who take money out of my pocket?"

Christian responded by saying that his torrent sites represented some of the largest sources of traffic in the adult sector, and that others would buy those ad spots if his company didn't. Interesting about this controversy is the fact that Adult Friendfinder has some major backing within the industry itself: The company got bought by Penthouse for 500 million dollars in December.

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