Waxy.org just released lots of data on the effect piracy has on the Oscars, with details about every nominated movie since 2004. It’s a great resource for everyone wanting to dive into the nitty-gritty of pre- and post-release piracy. Here’s the nutshell version for the rest of us: most Oscar-nominated blockbusters are available on torrent sites in high-quality versions before the event itself, and many of them can be downloaded before members of the Academy receive their copy in the mail.

These results seem to be in stark contrast to Tim Wu’s findings, who recently scoured the net for Sundance films and then wrote about it for Slate. Wu’s search was fruitless, leading him to believe that “the online pirate world and the Sundance world are, as far as I can tell, separate domains.” Could it be that the world of online piracy has a short tail, neglecting niche and art-house films just like your local megaplex? Continue reading at Newteevee.com.

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