Andy Plesser from interviewed Vuze head of strategy Jim Diaz recently, and Diaz gave some outlook on what we can expect from Vuze in the future:

"Obviously a lot of really interesting things, managing people's hard drives, DVR, all kinds of really cool functionality, that we will be building out along those lines."

Sounds a little bit like the kind of features Miro is already offering it's users - namely the option to allocate a set amount of hard drive space and delete videos after a certain time frame to free up space for new downloads. So it's nothing revolutionary, but Azureus / Vuze users will definitely benefit from it.

Diaz also used the interview to take a snipe at Joost, calling Vuze "Joost with an audience", but the numbers he quoted (4 million active registered users per month, but only 250.000 unique impressions? or video downloads?) have been questioned by at least one blog reader.

Watch the complete interview here.

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