The German Pirate Party will be allowed to take part in elections to the local parliament of Hamburg at the end of February. This accomplishment comes after the party already got admitted to state elections in Hesse that will take part at the end of this month. The party had to submit at least a thousand signatures from supporters to be able to compete, and it ended up submitting a total of 1161 signatures.

Hamburg's voters will have a choice between a multitude of groups and parties. Other parties that got admitted include the Pogo-Anarchisten (the mosh pit anarchists) and the Grey Party (catering to seniors). There is even a popular transvestite running as an independent candidate with the promise to be absent from the parliament at all times in case she's gonna get elected.

Most of these groups and independents candidates don't have any chance at all though. Parties need at least five percent of the vote to get seats in the local parliament. Last time around that was equal to getting more than 41.000 votes.

(via gulli)

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