German Usenet provider United Newsserver has prevailed in a lawsuit initiated by EMI. The record company wanted to force United Nesserver to block access to its music with a preliminary injunction, but a Dusseldorf court now found that the company cannot be held responsible for the misdeeds of its or other Usenet users.

This decision reverses a lower court ruling from last May that sided with the music industry and was hailed by the German IFPI as a sign that people "who make illegal content available on the Internet cannot bail out of their resposibilities", as local IFPI boss Peter Zombik put it back then.

The new ruling hasn't been published yet, but United Newsserver CEO Heinz-Dieter Elbracht seems to be quite happy about the outcome. A press release from the company has him saying:

"Usenet has become a platform for the exchange of all kinds of information. It should be in the interest of all users, providers and rights holders to find solutions to act together against inevitable cases of people breaking the law on Usenet."

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