finally relaunched its API this week after completely revamping the service last May. Plazes is a location-based social network / social messaging service. Kind of like Twitter, but related to the actual world as opposed to Scobletown and Calacanistan, if you will.

I've been following the service for quite some time and always thought it was somewhat unfortunate that Plazes never gained much traction outside of a few European metropoles. I think there are about five or six active Plazes users in Los Angeles, and I've probably met half of them ...

The Plazes API might help Plazes to get some more eyeballs by crowdsourcing the development of widgets and mashups with other social networks and web apps. Plazes is celebrating the API launch with a Plazecamp in their offices in Berlin, and the team is soliciting ideas for new apps and mashups on their blog. Location-based media sharing, anyone?

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