An unknown number of German file sharers have received a cease and desist notice complete with a bill for 250 Euros for sharing pornographic movies in recent months. The letters are coming from the German law firm kuw that previously was involved in a mass enforcement campaign against users who shared a pinball game. Back then, kuw partnered with the Swiss anti-piracy company Logistep to send settlement invoices to some 12.000 German file sharers. Users who didn't settle and pay up were threatened with civil litigation.

kuw has apparently been hired by various German porn companies to repeat the same strategy. It's unknown how many users are involved in the current wave of cease and desist notes, but it looks like they're again targeting a massive amount of downloaders. A copy of one of the letters obtained by the German online magazine shows a bar code, presumably used to automate registration of incoming signed c&d notices.

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The letter relates to a movie called "Saphira - Fick mich", which translates to "Saphira - Fuck me" that was downloaded through Bittorrent and produced by the German porn company Videorama. The letter also refers to a company called "Copy Right Solutions GmbH", who supposedly logged the file sharers IP address. The Copy Right Solutions website reads:

"Although pirates might have a different opinion, we consider ourselves the good guys dealing efficiently with the dubious business of illegal filesharing. With our know-how and our experience, we are fighting a daily war against illegal downloads, against illegal seeders and leechers."

250 Euros may sound a little bit much for a movie with a somewhat questionable name, but it does seem like a light slap on the wrist, especially compared to the thousands of dollars US file sharers have to cough up to settle with the music industry. Unfortunately those 250 Euros are only part of the story. kuw obtains the names of file sharers by getting authorities to start criminal investigations, and those can continue even if users settle civil claims.

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