Limewire is gearing up for the launch of its online music store by adding a browser to their Gnutella client, and apparently it has been quite a hassle to integrate it.

Many new media players like Miro or Songbird are based on Mozilla's XUL framework, which is the same code that Firefox is based, so they basically have web browsing capabilities built in from the start. Limewire however is Java-based, and that seems to be a completely different story. The official Limewire blog has all the details for hardcore Java fans:

"So a JDIC browser would use a native browser on each OS and simply paint it on a heavy weight AWT component. The only problem was Sun dropped the ball."

The rest of us should take notice that a browser integration isn't only great for integrating the upcoming MP3 download store into the client, but also for the type of contextual advertising Limewire wants to roll out at some point in the future. And who knows, maybe they'll even realize that social network they've been thinking about for years?

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