Vuze CEO Gilles BianRosa almost didnít make it to NewTeeVee Live two weeks ago, because his company was busy filing a petition with the FCC to stop ISPs like Comcast from interfering with P2P traffic. The petition has since gotten a lot of positive feedback from consumer and industry associations, but BianRosa sees it as just a first step. He primarily wants the FCC to step in and mandate a hands-off approach ó but he also wants to start a dialogue with ISPs about the future of P2P and network management.

Granted, government mandates arenít widely considered great conversation starters. Then again, a company that publicly denies any wrongdoing, even in the face of hard evidence, isnít your average coffee-shop flirt. So how are things going with the FCC petition, what are the next steps, and what does all of this mean for the debate about net neutrality? We caught up with BianRosa this week to get an update. Continue reading at

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