Spiderman 3, The Simpsons Movie or Transformers for $2 to $3 a pop, downloadable in the format of your choice, without any DRM or OS-specific media players at all? The offerings of the new movie download store ZML.com sound too good to be true ó or at least too good to be legit. And in fact, they arenít. ZML.com isnít licensed by any of the Hollywood studios. The site is selling hundreds of blockbusters anyway, referring to a collective licensing agreement with an obscure Russian rights holders agency.

Sound familiar? Thatís right, this is essentially the model that made Allofmp3.com one of the biggest and most controversial music download stores ó at least until the site was forced to shut down in early July. Could ZML.com become a similar success, them similarly blow up under legal pressure? And how good could a download site like this be in the age of Amazon Unbox and NBC Direct? We gave it a try to find out. Continue reading at Newteevee.com.

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