I'm still in SF and offline most of the day, so catching up to the news of the day is a little slower that usual ... but this one is worth mentioning: Azureus CEO Gilles BianRosa almost didn't make it to NewTeeVee Live yesterday because the company decided to get involved in the fight for net neutrality with a petition to the FCC that addresses various types of blocking and throttling methods ISPs have put into place to limit their customer's Bittorent usage.

The most prominent example for this obviously is Comcast, but Gilles reminded us yesterday that Comcast is no isolated incident and that ISPs have been experimenting with stuff like this for the last 24 months. The company now wants the FCC to step in and stop these interferences, but is also open for direct discussions with ISPs to relieve some of the pressure P2P traffic is putting on their networks and peering bills.

The complete petition is available as a PDF online. Here is a quick excerpt from today's press release:

"'Now is the time to embrace the sea changes in entertainment consumption that are occurring. The rapid convergence of the entertainment and Internet industries has enabled the delivery of high-quality video, and these throttling tactics represent growing pains as ISPs resist inevitable change,' said Gilles BianRosa, CEO of Vuze. 'We hope our Petition will trigger a public discussion, but we also need the FCC to act. The industry needs transparency into what ISPs are doing and an environment that fosters innovation in online entertainment.'"

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