The German branch of the music industry association IFPI has been keeping busy touring German schools in order to spread copyright awareness. This week they stopped at a school in the tiny town of Koenigsbach-Stein, where students formed a human guitar "as a symbol for the value of music and their respect for creativity", acording to IFPI, whose press release goes on saying: "The students are making clear that illegal downloading is no petty fault."

air guitar

I'll leave it to others to figure out how a giant guitar made out of students is demonstrating the seriousness of copyright infringement, but I want to point one thing out: Look closely at the picture, and you'll get a better sense of who is making what clear here. There's teacher ordering people around in the upper right corner, and then there is what I'd assume is the school's principal standing right in the middle of the whole thing, making sure that everyone is in line.

I wonder how this picture would have looked like without any teacher involvement? And how long will it take before some P2P-loving students somewhere else in the world will answer this obvious challenge by posing, say, as a giant human Pirate Bay-inspired cassette tape skull? It's on, kids, it's on.

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