The open source iTunes alternative Songbird is gearing up for its 0.3 release. It's officially called a developer preview, but it looks like adventurous music lovers will have a lot new stuff to play with as well. One important new feature, realized via Songbird's plug-in architecture: The Mozilla-based media player is now compatible with Greasemonkey, making it possible to use thousands of Greasemonkey scripts right within Songbird and extend Songbird with custom-made Greasemonkey scripts.


Greasemonkey is originally a Firefox extension that offers the ability to customize your web experience through scripting. There are for example tons of scripts for GMail that add features like previews and macros to the web mail service. There is a bunch of media related scripts out there as well, some of which could be really useful within Songbird.

Songbird is an interesting alternative to media players like iTunes because of its web-centric approach. Users can browse MP3 blogs and other web pages right within the player and access the linked MP3 files automatically, essentially transforming every web page with MP3s into a playlist. Songbird makes extensive use of Mozilla code. Songbird founder Rob Lord told P2P Blog last year that he thinks Songbird might one day become even more important that Firefox:

"We believe lightning doesn't strike twice. Firefox was downloaded more than 200 million times since it's 1.0 has been released. It would be insane for us to think that we could be so wildly succesful. That said, we think Songbird is more of a disruptive innovation in its category than firefox was in its category."

Read the complete interview with Rob Lord here.

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