Countless internet users might soon receive spam e-mails that promise them a "new global sharing network" full of MP3s, movies and games. The network goes by the name of Krackin, and the picture in the e-mail will make it look like so much fun!


Unlike many spam e-mails this one is actually somewhat accurate. Users who install the attached file named krakin.exe will actually join a global sharing network, but for the fun part: Not so much - unless they enjoy being part of a global botnet called storm that is used for spam e-mails and DDOS attacks.

Storm has been around since early 2007, and security researchers estimate that there are as many as 50 million infected computers taking part. Parts of the network, which itself is using encrypted P2P traffic, are apparently for sale to the highest bidder.

It seems like there is a new scam every few weeks to get people to join storm. TrendMicro, the security company that found out about Krackin ahead of time, estimates that the spam mails promising P2P networking fun will hit users within the next few weeks.

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