The gay porn studio Titan Media filed a round of 22 lawsuits this week against porn bloggers and file swappers. These lawsuits are a sign for things to come for the adult industry: more and more porn companies are getting ready to take legal action against file-sharing web sites and their users. There are even preparations to start an industry association to coordinate those lawsuits.

Nobody paying attention to this community is surprised. Adult content has always played a big role in the file-sharing world. The NPD group estimates that as much as 60 percent of all videos downloaded from P2P networks are porn. The real question is: Why did it take the “other Hollywood” so long to do something about it? Why are they about to copy a strategy from the music industry that so clearly hasn’t stopped people from swapping files. And where is that spirit of innovation that is supposed to make the adult industry the motor of technological progress? Continue reading at

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