The Pirate Bay is know for their creative doodles that mash the site's iconic pirate ship with corporate logos and pop culture phenomenons.

The vessel appeared inside of an Apple when the first version of OS X for Intel PC leaked on the net. The site became the Grand Theft Bay when everyone's favorite felony video game got released, and it featured the North Korean flag when - well, that was actually an April fool's joke.


These days visitors of the Pirate Bay get to see a different kind of statement. A banner in the top left of the site simply reads "Free Burma" in a font that looks like traditional Burmese characters. The banner links to - a site that simply features links to Burma activists in Europe, the US, Canada, Asia and Latin America.

I've previously had my problems with the (lack of) political focus of copyleft activists, but I was actually really touched when I saw this banner at The Pirate Bay. It's part of a bigger online movement in support for the Burmese struggle for freedom. A couple of hundred thousand people are connected through Facebook to organize things like the global day of action this Saturday. Some few thousand bloggers took part in a Free Burma action yesterday as well.

Unfortunately the blog action was kind of missing focus. The main goal seemed to sign up as many sites as possible, but visitors of the main site didn't get any encouragement to take action themselves. The fact that the bloggers used banners featuring a rendition of the military junta's flag for Burma that was mashed up with a Christian peace dove didn't really make any sense either.

The Pirate Bay folks have instead chosen to link to activists that need our support - and hopefully get a lot lot more eyeballs through the banner.

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